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Want to improve your landscape photos?

 Frustrated with researching locations on the internet?

Want a guide to show you the best spots in the best light?

You’re in the right place! In my small group, in-field workshops, we visit unique and beautiful landscapes across Washington and Oregon and master the essential skills you need to create stunning images.


Who should take a workshop?

I work with committed hobbyists and accomplished pros alike.

Many of the unique and beautiful locations in the PNW require some hiking. Therefore, you should feel comfortable hiking several miles at a social pace (~ 2 mph), while carrying all of your hiking and photo gear.

At the very minimum, you know how to use your camera and adjust the settings. You should have a modern DSLR or mirrorless camera, lenses from wide-angle to telephoto, a tripod, shutter release, filters, and camera weather protection.

Designed around you

I am passionate about photography workshops! Why? Because they’ve improved my photography more than any other method. Books, websites, and videos are valuable resources, but the information flows in one direction. When working together, you can ask questions as they arise and receive instant feedback.

From just meeting you on location and acting as a guide, to designing an itinerary based on your schedule and wishes for a fun and productive photo trip, I will customize a workshop that’s right for your needs. Prefer a camping trip to a hotel room? Let’s load the gear and hit the road. Rather stay at a luxury resort? No problem, I’ll point you to the best.

My workshops strike a balance between the technical and creative aspects of the craft because both are important!




As a mountaineer and avid hiker, I have spent a lot of my time in the mountains, forests, and coasts of the Pacific Northwest, so I’m able to take you to the best spots for making compelling images of these uniquely diverse landscapes.

Workshops are more fun and successful when we adapt to the changing weather and light. I know many spots that work given the right conditions. My job is to keep all the places in my memory along with the conditions in which they shine. It works well. Not perfect, but I increase our success a lot doing things this way. Plus, it makes for a fun adventure!

  • Washington (North Cascades, Mt. Baker, Olympic NP (rainforest), Rainier, Helens, waterfalls tour, beaches tour, fall color in Leavenworth, etc.

  • Oregon (Sisters/Bend, Columbia River Gorge, Mt. Hood, Crater Lake, waterfalls tour, beaches tour, etc.


What you’ll learn

Before we meet, we’ll discuss your workshop goals and locations of interest. A week out from the workshop, we’ll connect again to discuss weather and any last minute changes. While we’re together, I’ll share with you everything I know about advanced composition and camera techniques; location scouting; image processing in Photoshop, and a lot more.



Composition Theory

Location scouting

Google Earth scouting

Find and plan a shoot

Camera Technique

Working in manual

Exposure bracketing

Focus stacks & Panoramas

Creative use of shutter speed


Establish an artistic philosophy

Lightroom & Photoshop

Exposure blend, luminosity masking

Increase depth and impact


Weather forecasting

Predict dramatic weather

How to adapt to bad weather

Understanding light

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